Wednesday, July 06, 2005

About this project

This blog is to document the progress of a performance knitting piece conceived by Lisa Whiting, BFA, (CCS 2005) and assistant manager of City Knits. “Community Cast-on: A Knitting Circle” will engage eight knitters and 16 hands simultaneously knitting around a 16 foot circle to create a giant tubular soft sculpture. The piece was cast-on at Noon July 2, to kick-off the Knit Fest, using yarn donated by Cascade Yarns and rosewood circular needles courtesy of Colonial Needles.

“I chose ecological wool in various natural shades to reflect the diversity of our community and region,” noted Ms. Whiting. “The piece is not about the product itself, but the proximity of people, who may be strangers, working closely together as neighbors to create a community. The sculpture will be the evidence of the joint effort to create something beautiful and meaningful with the simple elements of sticks and string.”

Ms. Whiting will supervise the first round of a community performance effort that will travel to area festivals throughout the summer, and be bound off in a celebration at The Detroit Institute of Arts on a Friday in September. Knitters of all skill levels are welcome to jump in and knit a round (or portion thereof) and are invited to donate in any amount to the Stitch to WIN campaign.


Blogger Lynn said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for coming by my blog
I think that this is great!
You can emial me a

I have a Call Me a Knitter sign up sheet I will put it up again this weekend.

I am starting this list because we are trying to help out a knitting store that is really great, but the owner got sick and she is worried about her business because she had a long recovery from surgery and had to stay away from her store for 4yrs. Her poor workers were run ragged.

So in a week or so she is gonna have all her fall/winter stock up and the items on her web site. I will choose some specialty yarns and products to feature, and I will show them on my blog. A little free advertizing would go a long way for this shop.

I am assuming you are in Dearborn Michigan. I am in Ontario.

The Beaver pattern you were asking about is a sock that is cut up. I guess you could knit one.
I think I have a very old beaver knitting pattern. I will be able to give the patterns some attention next week. If I find it I will get it out to you. I will scan the bucky beaver one and send it then too.

I will add you to my new links list very soon.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Lisa Whiting said...

thanks.. I would love it!

email me at

7:24 PM  

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